Avalanche videos part 15

End of the season wrap up. As far as avalanche safety is concerned it seems to have been a relatively good winter. Glad to report avalanche deaths in the Alps were substantially lower (61+) compared to the previous season (137+). US (27) and Canadian (16) winter was average in that statistic however with 0 (skier) fatalities in Colorado. That apparently hasn’t happened in a long time. Or as Karl Birkenland of National Avalanche Center points out: U.S. Avalanche Deaths Remain Steady in Past 22 Years Despite Explosion in Backcountry Use.

Assuming a conservative estimate of use increasing 8 times and combining it with our flat fatality trend means our fatality rate (avalanche fatalities per backcountry user day) has dropped dramatically. In fact, this suggests that our fatality rate has dropped by at least a factor of 8 (and probably more) over the past 22 years.

To the best of my knowledge there have been 0 fatalities in Slovenia this winter but that’s far less uncommon (despite the same type of increase in backcountry use experienced elsewhere). But more importantly for Slovenia, end of the season was also the start for the new and improved avalanche bulletin. And there’s some more exciting things coming out in the next few years.

Moving on to the videos collected since February:

Tanner Hall, setting off more than a few avalanches in this video

A relatively small, low consequence slide in Ischgl, Austria, March 2016

Skier triggered Storm Slab avalanche. 1st Creek, Colorado, March 25 2016

Austin Porzak getting swept over a cliff. Screenshot at the moment he’s still hanging on to a tree. East Vail, Colorado, March 2016.

2 skiers caught in a large soft slab avalanche in the Vail/Summit zone, Colorado, March 19 2016.

Turkey pillow line avalanche

Sluff engulf

Spring conditions and a wet slab on Mt. Lindsey, April 13 2016

BD/Pieps Jetforce airbag release in Niseko, Japan

TGR – Sammy C project in BC

Speedflier sets off avalanche

Snowmobile section

Snowmobiling near Golden, British Columbia, March 13 2016

Another snowmobile sidecutting, Valemount, January 23 2016

Snowmobiler not riding fast enough even with ample warning time.

Not really the kind of cliff drop he was expecting, Vail pass on snowmobile

Slightly older videos I haven’t seen yet

Hunter Schleper out-runs an avalanche on his snowboard, 2014

05.01.2015 in Königstal

ABS promo with Géraldine Fasnacht

EPIC TV – It Takes Two to Telemark

Präbichl, Austria

Snowboarder, unknown location, March 2013

Norwegian summer & winter

Just got the idea it would be interesting to compare same/similar scenes from Norway in the summer and winter through photos. Photos taken in July/August 14 and February 16.

Leirdalen toll road, Jotunheimen NP
plenty of wind transported snow on Hemsedalsfjellet


weird swirling cloud formations above Årdalsfjorden/Lærdalsfjorden


wind, waves & crazy currents – my place is out there, Rongøyna island
revisiting my favorite swim spot on Rongøyna


Sikkildalshøa & Heimdalshøe


Bessa river, Besshøe (2258m) & Besshøbrean glacier
Røgjin, Hemsedal, 1370m


Bessa river crossing
Svarthetta ridge, Grøndalen/Hemsedal

More below in the slideshows

Winter tour of Sør-Norge

Summer tour of Sør-Norge

Enter title here… ironic


Looking around this site it’s an obvious fact that I haven’t been in much of a writing mood for a long, much too long time now. Reasons elude me but calling it a simple writers block would be an understatement. The original motivation behind this blog, sharing interesting found content has moved to other, arguably more appropriate channels. But that does not account for the fact that some things I used to share, I was forced to stop with changes to Google Reader. And that I stopped doing any sort of longer writing and own content beyond uploading photos to the gallery. And maybe I just don’t have it in me anymore. I don’t know. I really don’t. But, unlike many people, I don’t plan to simply abandon it. It is my own album of sorts, a reminder, and I want to keep it like that. If anyone still drops by from time to time… thanks.

That said, I’ve come up with an idea. But that comes in the following post.

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