Avalanche videos part 19

New season, new videos. Unfortunately also at least two avalanche deaths reported so far.

View from Pik Lenin camp as avalanche slams into 8 people on the way up

Thomas Feuerstein rides out of a slide sometime last winter

TNT channel mashup of various avalanche involvements, mostly POV shots.

These 3 below are some of those videos that I’m always conflicted about sharing… plenty of incidents with more or less lucky escapes, sometime making it seem as if it’s all no big deal.

Avalanche Riders by the Best GoPro Channel:

  1. Part 1
  2. Part 2
  3. Part 3

And to end this, some education

BASICS 7 | Snow Safety & Awareness by HighFivesFoundation

Avalanche problems explained by the National Avalanche Center

Avalanche videos part 18

A collection of spring wet avalanches and other late winter appearances.

Parks Canada crews set off a massive slide that closes a portion of the Icefields Parkway between Jasper and Lake Louise.

Large wet avalanche in Kackar mountains,Turkey

Similar large wet slide crosses the Valenciennes River Forestry Service Road in BC, Canada.

A massive powder cloud and power lines don’t mix well – short circuit

Ski-flyer avoids avalanche on Della Mountain, Idaho. Backstory here.

April 24th at Cheget resort in Terskol, Russia. Nice large cloud of white.

Yet another large cloud coming down the mountain somewhere (possibly Switzerland).

Nick McNutt filming in Alaska for TGR.

UPDATE: June 6th

Rock fall caused avalanche in Naked Lady Couloir on Snowden Peak. Report available on CAIC site.

Probably in Sweden, avalanche video by Niclas Karlson

Avalanche videos part 17

Some new slides mixed with new finds from previous seasons. First time also featuring some local footage.

Probably intentional storm slab release by Taos avalanche center in New Mexico

Mt. Saint Helens ski cut

Jonny & Ben Adler in a Vermont forest

Tom Oye with one of the first electric fan airbag deployments in action at Chocolate Bowl, Whistler

Darrell Miller filming with the Storm Show Studios

Skiers on Mt. Minamidake in Japan Caught in a Series of Wet Snow Avalanches

Unknown on Red Bull TV

Crystal Point Wet slide @ Solitude

Wet Slab Avalanche, North face of hatch peak. April 2013.

Sled triggered slab at Guardsmans Pass

Wet avalanche on Senggchuppa (3607m) north-est face, Switzerland

Hohes Bret, 21.4.2012, avalanche footage from around 4:50

Fieberbrunn, March 2015, footage from 1:30

Local section

Jani Hercog on Peca – Trebnikov žleb (a few seconds from ~0:27)

More local footage, location unknown, avalanche comes towards the end at 2min in.

Breaking the one at a time rule, unknown location, 2010

Stopped before he even realized he was in a slide

Bine Žalohar (on Vogel probably) filmed by the late Jure Breceljnik

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