Avalanche videos part 13

Early April avalanche in Kokanee Bowl, Revelstoke. More info in the interview for Revelstoke Mountaineer.

2 in a group of 3 danish skiers go for a ride in Whistler, footage featured on Bear Grylls YT channel of all places.

Two cameras, one slide and a successful rescue. Châtel, France at end of January

Ski cutting the slope on Pigeon Peak with a soft slab avalanche release as a result.

Victor Daviet tries to outrun a slab he released before making even a single turn (seconds 19 to 32 in video below)

Slide that reportedly killed an Australian man while heli-skiing in Hector mountains, New Zealand on Aug.10th

Avalanche videos part 12

At least 106 fatalities in Europe so far… not looking good.

Guy rides above the fracturing slab… Feb. 15th, Banff

An analysis of an avalanche as seen from a helmetcam, 31.01.15 on the Gamsroute, Zürs am Arlberg

In for a ride down a couloir in Tignes on Feb. 28th

And everyone goes on like nothing happened… Heustock

A lucky dig, an avalanche survival story with many important lessons on group dynamics, accident response and digging. Les Crosets on Jan. 30th, danger rating 4 out of 5.

A telemarker tumbles and goes for a ride in a wet slide in Norway

Two points of view on a windslab release above Fairy Lake in northern Bridger range.

Found this footage and analysis from 2012 in Les Orres (in french). Scary looking cracks going in all directions but he manages to get out of a massive slide.

Avalanche videos part 11

I collect these videos because I (we) hope to learn from the mistakes of others. Unfortunately there’s been so many avalanche incidents this winter that I have to publish this quite soon after part 10 (a disturbing number in itself). Morris counted 75 avalanche fatalities so far this winter in the Alps. Unfortunately that number is wrong at the date of publishing, it’s too low by at least a few unlucky ones.

Like he keeps saying since December: no avalanche knowledge = stay on the piste. I would add to that… have knowledge = don’t do stupid things. And that goes for me as well.

The very least you should do, if you, or anyone else you know, have any intention of skiing the backcountry or out-of-bounds terrain is gain some awareness. Certain companies finally stepped up their “social responsibility” and are beginning to offer the avalanche basics in convenient online courses. Latest examples are Ortovox Safety Academy and Salomon + Atomic Mountain Academy. Do yourself a favor and go through everything they have to say then check your ego and forget about everyone else riding insane lines right in front of you. Ride smart.

Someone goes for a ride in Black Iron Bowl at Telluride

The day after 15 of 2.5kg bombs were dropped on that face, Julien Lopez still trigged a slab during his FWT run in Kappl, Tirol

Hard slab fracturing above a snowboarder, early February on Papusa in Romania.

Snowskater triggers and outruns a small(ish) slab on Vail pass

Snowmobiler burrial… no matter how many times the guys say “unbelieveable”, it really isn’t. But a great response by the buddies nevertheless.

Effective use of an airbag (looks like SnowPulse) on San Pellegrino on February 7th.

EDIT Feb. 12th

Another ABS in use on the Arcelle at Val d’Isere

Also one from last April on Grand Motte

EDIT Feb. 16th

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