Avalanche videos part 18

Getting closer to the end of the season and this avalanche video collection keeps growing.

Some sliding snow in a post on South Coast Backcountry Touring group

Michalchuck brothers get into trouble on Rogers pass when a party above them triggers a slide. Interview available at biglines.com

Wet slab avalanche on low angle terrain at Rose Knob Peak, NV

Max Cohen around Bridger, Montana. Some scary near misses.

Xavier de le Rue avoiding a very similar outcome in a very similar situation

And another similar lucky ride for someone in Nendaz

Chic Chocs avalanche caught on drone camera

It can be funny when it’s innocent like this in Val Thorens on March 29th 2010

Small slab, March 7th on Sella Nevea

Guillaume Anton bouncing off some trees at La Plagne but never losing his selfie stick or the framing…deserves an Oscar for cinematography

Can’t really see much but apparently an Alpride pack was triggered, March 10th on Tauplitz

Father and son get caught in a slow moving slide, both end up on top. Somewhere in Trentino.

Surprise hit from the left, January 5th 2015, Königstal

Washed over a 15m cliff at Whistler on March 9th, maybe the airbag softened the landing?

Scenes of the avalanche that hit a blue run in Tignes. Nobody seriously injured. Second video found by David @ PisteHors and a third view here.

Norbert Salva diving into the bushes to avoid the avalanche on Chopok in Slovakia

Reine Barkered at FWT Haines Alaska gets out of a slide, shot on GoPro and from the heli cam.

Avalanche videos part 17

Some new slides mixed with new finds from previous seasons. First time also featuring some local footage.

Probably intentional storm slab release by Taos avalanche center in New Mexico

Mt. Saint Helens ski cut

Jonny & Ben Adler in a Vermont forest

Tom Oye with one of the first electric fan airbag deployments in action at Chocolate Bowl, Whistler

Darrell Miller filming with the Storm Show Studios

Skiers on Mt. Minamidake in Japan Caught in a Series of Wet Snow Avalanches

Unknown on Red Bull TV

Crystal Point Wet slide @ Solitude

Wet Slab Avalanche, North face of hatch peak. April 2013.

Sled triggered slab at Guardsmans Pass

Wet avalanche on Senggchuppa (3607m) north-est face, Switzerland

Hohes Bret, 21.4.2012, avalanche footage from around 4:50

Fieberbrunn, March 2015, footage from 1:30

Local section

Jani Hercog on Peca – Trebnikov žleb (a few seconds from ~0:27)

More local footage, location unknown, avalanche comes towards the end at 2min in.

Breaking the one at a time rule, unknown location, 2010

Stopped before he even realized he was in a slide

Bine Žalohar (on Vogel probably) filmed by the late Jure Breceljnik

Avalanche videos pt.16

New season, new slides. Some from the southern hemisphere, others from the archives but popping up as a reminder.

Raimundo de Andraca, Sebastián Reyes & Borja Mir: Avalancha Zona central, July 12th in Chile

Henry Tof, ski cut @ Helbronner Petit Flambeau

Tanner Hall and buddies setting off avalanches all over this teaser

Nick McNutt filming with TGR outruns an avalanche. I’m always hesitant to post videos where someone escapes a slide, like that would be a totally normal and expected outcome.

Greg Hill and his 5 rules starts with a large avalanche

MSNBC does a very simplified “How to escape an avalanche” feature

Andrea Binning in BC, the slide that made the cover of Staying Alive In Avalanche Terrain by Bruce Tremper.

Eric Frigon, ski cutting a soft slab in Calamity couloir on Lipallian (South aspect), Alberta, Canada.

Sledders in Revelstoke, 2015 season

Nick Dorotik ends up on top after setting off a small slab in Colorado somewhere

Snowboarder cutting a slope at 3300m on Deda-Ena (Gudauri, Georgia) on 19.11.2016

Travis Rice broke a few bones in this big slide while filming The Fourth Phase

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