Avalanche videos part 18

A collection of spring wet avalanches and other late winter appearances.

Parks Canada crews set off a massive slide that closes a portion of the Icefields Parkway between Jasper and Lake Louise.

Large wet avalanche in Kackar mountains,Turkey

Similar large wet slide crosses the Valenciennes River Forestry Service Road in BC, Canada.

A massive powder cloud and power lines don’t mix well – short circuit

Ski-flyer avoids avalanche on Della Mountain, Idaho. Backstory here.

April 24th at Cheget resort in Terskol, Russia. Nice large cloud of white.

Yet another large cloud coming down the mountain somewhere (possibly Switzerland).

Nick McNutt filming in Alaska for TGR.

UPDATE: June 6th

Rock fall caused avalanche in Naked Lady Couloir on Snowden Peak. Report available on CAIC site.

Probably in Sweden, avalanche video by Niclas Karlson

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