Avalanche videos part 12

At least 106 fatalities in Europe so far… not looking good.

Guy rides above the fracturing slab… Feb. 15th, Banff

An analysis of an avalanche as seen from a helmetcam, 31.01.15 on the Gamsroute, Zürs am Arlberg

In for a ride down a couloir in Tignes on Feb. 28th

And everyone goes on like nothing happened… Heustock

A lucky dig, an avalanche survival story with many important lessons on group dynamics, accident response and digging. Les Crosets on Jan. 30th, danger rating 4 out of 5.

A telemarker tumbles and goes for a ride in a wet slide in Norway

Two points of view on a windslab release above Fairy Lake in northern Bridger range.

Found this footage and analysis from 2012 in Les Orres (in french). Scary looking cracks going in all directions but he manages to get out of a massive slide.

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