Shared items on May 26, 2010

An overview of interesting articles that came through my Google Reader subscriptions recently.

  • Real World Estimates: Day Rate vs. Space Explained
  • Ten maps that changed the world
  • Behind the scenes of Nike's World Cup spot
  • Meet the rare earth elements that make modern life possible
  • The EUR 250,000 Bocklet Dakar U685
  • Definition Magazine on Canon DSLR Skunk Works
  • Is VP8 good for the internet?
  • “F— those motherf—ers”: YouTube/Viacom suit gets nasty
  • Secrets of a suitcase-packing ninja
  • Shockwave-Sound.Com – Sound for picture – Faking It.
  • Dancing Forest
  • Below The Surface: The Underwater Project
  • French team smashes five year efficiency record in eco-marathon
  • Who needs a road?
  • When HD Isn’t High Definition
  • Bart’s wall
  • The Register: Usenet's home shuts down today
  • Automobile computer systems successfully hacked
  • Shooting Stock Photography for Outdoor Research
  • Google Font Directory
  • Google opens VP8 codec, aims to nuke H.264 with WebM
  • Bart Simpson's blackboard
  • Technical Analysis of VP8 From an x264 Developer
  • Tourists Now Have Their Own Sidewalk Lane
  • Conning Harvard
  • Paramount Studio map of California's geographical facsimiles
  • New York Times headline writer allergic to the word “liar”
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