US tour 2005

Two week skiing and hiking tour in February/March 2005

Swiss roadtrip 2004

A roadtrip... through Austria, Lichtenstein, Switzerland and Italy. From blistering heat to freezing cold, from sunshine through rain and snow. From nearly sea level to 3100m and back down to sea level in just a few hours and some mountain passes in between. Up and down and all the way around. Long mountain walks, camping and swimming...

Tacen, June 2004

Sava at Tacen 5.6.2004

Ljubljana Marathon 2004

9th Ljubljana marathon 24.10.2004

Ana Desetnica 2003 & 2004

Ana Desetnica street theatre festival, June/July 2003 & 2004

Bike Night Škofja Loka 2004

Bike Night Škofja Loka 14.02.2004

Bike Fight Kamnik 2004

Siemens Mobile BikeFight, Kamnik 27.4.2004

Rodeo on Sava

Sava @ Sneberje, 6.5.2004

Bike Fight Kranj 2004

Siemens Mobile BikeFight, Kranj 15.5.2004

Bike Fight Trbovlje 2004

Siemens Mobile BikeFight, Trbovlje 11.6.2004

Agility dogs 2004

dog agility 25.4.2004 by KD Krim

GHD Polhov Gradec

hillclimbing rally around Polhov Gradec

RedBull Snowthrill 2004

RedBull SnowThrill on Kanin, 7.2.2004 (and some extra)

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