a sample of 3 weeks

France sud-est

a quick road trip to south-east of France

Kostrena & Šilo

a diving weekend


Kayaking and camping in Repovesi National Park, Finland

Red Bull UpStream

Tacen, Sept. 20th 2008

Trenta week

relaxation week in Trenta valley and beyond 2008

Trnfest 08

KUD FP, August 2008

Premantura diving July 19 2008

diving with Vitez Wrecks in Premantura, Croatia

Ikaria part 2

wandering around Ikaria island in spring 2008


a few days on Samos island in May 2008

Turkey apr08

a quick tour of western Turkey in April 2008

Goat Interviews

interviews with the french team for Archipelagos


wandering around Ikaria island in spring 2008

Zimska šola

Zimska šola na FERI

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