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Looking around this site it’s an obvious fact that I haven’t been in much of a writing mood for a long, much too long time now. Reasons elude me but calling it a simple writers block would be an understatement. The original motivation behind this blog, sharing interesting found content has moved to other, arguably more appropriate channels. But that does not account for the fact that some things I used to share, I was forced to stop with changes to Google Reader. And that I stopped doing any sort of longer writing and own content beyond uploading photos to the gallery. And maybe I just don’t have it in me anymore. I don’t know. I really don’t. But, unlike many people, I don’t plan to simply abandon it. It is my own album of sorts, a reminder, and I want to keep it like that. If anyone still drops by from time to time… thanks.

That said, I’ve come up with an idea. But that comes in the following post.

Avalanche videos part 5

We saw an old skier triggered avalanche across the way. We had our camera out taking pictures of that to write up a report. Then we saw a guy taking pictures and a girl drop in. We looked at each other and said “ready to do a rescue?”. She took a hard turn on the slope and a large piece pulled out and then the whole slope released.

Grizzly Gulch accident report @ Utah Avalanche Center and the first hand account by Amie Engerbretson of how things went wrong for her. Also an interview on Sportgevity.

Humans are not the only ones in avalanche territory – chamois escape a slide in France

Small slide hits a car from the side

Massive slides on a heli-bombing mission in Colorado (back in 2004)

Guy straighlines a pillow line to save his brother in Vail. See interview on Sportgevity for details.

Utah forecasters like to play around triggering test slides

crazy russian snowmobilers collection

French TV report ( on the “GoPro” influence

Father and son get caught by an avalanche on an open piste!

You’re skiing along then a huge crack opens up under you

Avalanche videos part 4

Starting off the 2013/14 winter season with some fresh avalanche videos to get you thinking about safety.

A reminder an avalanche can get you anywhere. These people were just lucky it was a very small one.

A great example of the confusion in a large group search resulting from a full burial of one member. Skip to about 4:15.

Massive release on the first turn while filming

Somewhat controversial (even if unintentional) ABS promo video

Aymar Navarro – Interview regarding the video above

On safe zones and runnout distances

That’s one massive powder cloud

You can skip to 3:35 if you only care for the full footage of the actual avalanche. Watch the whole thing for a self analysis.

Sluff caught on two helmet cameras in Les Deux Alpes. No damage but a decent reminder of what could happen.

A river of snow

A lucky escape in quite complex terrain

Avalanche while climbing in canale Holzer

Small slab release in Tignes

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