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Most links I find interesting end up in my Google reader shared items feed but this one was special. I took the design quiz and this was my result:

You got 12 out of 20 correct.
You’re a Tasteful Trend Watcher. You’ve got a copy of Metropolis magazine on your Design Within Reach coffee table, a MacBook on your Ralph Lauren four-post bed and an area rug from the high-end of Target. Your clothes are vintage, or from Perry Ellis, Ben Sherman, Diesel or Betsy Johnson. You’re thinking of trading in your Mini Cooper for something equally green. You’ve been saving up for an iPhone, and wondering if you’re too old to pull off a Von Dutch cap. You’re not too old, my friend — wear it with those patterned Chucks high-tops.

As some might know… nothing in this could be further from the truth. It’s just painfully off base… iPhone, MacBook??!! Seriously…they’ve got to be kidding. I wonder what it would say if I got something like 18 correct?! ;)

Freezing the Grand Central

ena za Dašo ;)

Improv Everywhere strike again with 207 people freezing on cue in the main concourse of Grand Central Station.

Ohh… and let’s not forget the 2k8 no pants ride with 900 people riding the NYC subway (2.000 worldwide) sans pants.

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